Nothing says ‘I love you’ like a bug jacket

It’s our third night camping in northern Ontario and I wanted to share a few things that we have learned along the way:

  1. Lenny is surprisingly okay with tents. The first night we camped he was excited to get into the tent at bed time, but by morning he was over it. The second evening we had to stick him in the tent while we set up since the blackflies were swarming him. Needless to say, he was NOT impressed. By the time we all went to bed though, he was completely content… So much so that he thought he should have a pillow.


    Lenny is far too comfortable on my pillow.

  2. Even after growing up in cottage country, I still can’t stand black flies. The first night wasn’t too tough since we were camped by a roadside rest stop, but the second night was brutal.
    Poor Lenny got attacked by blackflies!

    Poor Lenny got attacked by blackflies!

    I won’t lie, I almost lost it a few time, but managed to persevere. Today however, a bug jacket was top of the priority list at every town we went through. For where we are, they were surprisingly hard to find. By the time we reached Thunder Bay and found them, it seemed like the best thing anyone has ever bought me… Talk about love!

    So much happier in bug jackets!

    So much happier in bug jackets!

  3. I’m good at roasting marshmallows. Like, really good. In fact, I’d argue that giving away the first perfect marshmallow of the year is the equivalent of a bug jacket. IMG_3749
  4. We camp in style. Although we prefer a simple life, there are certain luxuries that we consider essential – and good food and good wine top the list. So when we camp, our menu still consists of things like roasted bone marrow, steak, and crab legs.

    Steak cooked on a rock...

    Steak cooked on a rock…

  5. Good wine is good wine, even in a metal cup.

    Enough said.

    Enough said.

  6. Yoga is always essential, but yoga by a waterfall is truly grounding.

    Aguasabon Falls

    Aguasabon Falls

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