Almost home

We’ve been on the road for ten days now, and should be arriving home today! We’ve had some set backs, as I’ve already shared with you, but also a lot of good times. We spent part of the weekend visiting family near Edmonton, before embarking on the last leg of the trip – heading over the mountains and then south to Vancouver, where our boat is waiting.

The drive through the mountains was absolutely breathtaking:




There is something about mountains that feels so grounding and humbling. Everything about them reminds me of how ephemeral we are, and how insignificant all of our day to day problems are.

We passed though Louis Creek yesterday, an area that had been ravaged by a forest fire in 2003. Even though it has been over ten years, you can still see the utter devastation (the pictures can’t even come close to capturing the extent of the damage):


Seeing something like that made me reflect on the resiliency of nature. It will take many years for the landscape to recover from that sort of damage, but you can see that life keeps going.


If we can embody even a tiny portion of that in the way that we approach life, how much easier would all of the set backs be? I can look at the past week and see that as insignificant as each breakdown and obstacle was in the grand scheme of thing, at the time each one was a very real challenge. At the same time, we were able to stay positive and managed to see each one as a unique experience, and I think that was what made all the difference in each outcome. I hope that this perspective is something that we can retain as we arrive home to experience the next adventure.

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