Back to the grind

After the lovely night we had in English Bay, we got straight back to work. Well, first we had to celebrate with oysters and bubbly on deck…


For the most part, we have been taking full advantage of the time between jobs, and trying to get as much done on the boat before we have to get back into a daily work routine.

Monday was tackling the quarter berth, a task which we quickly realized was far bigger than originally anticipated. Although Alex was trying his best to reach everything and organize it, it soon became clear that being smaller and more flexible, it was going to be my job to do the dirty work.

Alex trying to reach into the quarter berth

Alex trying to reach into the quarter berth

In almost no time at all, I was completely inside the boat pulling out endless coils of rope and countless bumpers.

Who knew there was so much space?!?

Who knew there was so much space?!?

After a thorough audit and reorganization, the quarter berth was neatly packed with lots of extra room – which is good, because we are going to need somewhere to store the new fishing equipment we are going to need!

The other major task was recovering the cushions and redoing the upholstery in the cabin. After a bit of research on costing, we knew this was something we were going to life hack. After picking up the supplies, Alex and Lenny went to give the Jeep a well-deserved oil change while I set about making over the cabin. Not to brag, but I was quite proud of my results, and we both agree that the place feels much homier.

IMG_4214 IMG_4215

Other than those, Alex has been trying to make some headway on the electrical situation and I’ve been busy with job applications and interviews. That process has really made us realize that we should be using this in between time to relax and enjoy the boat as well, so last night we grabbed food for a picnic and headed over to Port Moody for the night.

After a bit of fishing with no results, we decided to throw Lenny overboard to see how he’d react and to see how difficult it would be to pull him out. It ended up being relatively easy, thanks to the handle on his new life jacket, although we did get some fairly accusatory looks when we pulled him in. He did get back at us by curling up on the new pillows while still damp, but I didn’t have the heart to take a picture of him in his misery.

After that adventure, we opened a bottle of wine and set up a nice picnic.

Boat picnic!

Boat picnic!

It was such a peaceful spot we had, and we were able to just sit, relax, and watch the sunset take shape.





It was another perfect evening on the boat. We know it won’t always be this picturesque, but are definitely going to make the most of it while it is.

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