It’s going to be all boat, all the time

Over the past month, Alex and I have really been enjoying working to fix up our sailboat and make it a home. All of the projects, big and small, have been amazing learning experiences, and led to us talking about the idea of getting another project boat to work on. We started watching online postings, and came across one that seemed intriguing: a 1949 40′ wooden hulled motor yacht. Although we both knew we aren’t in the ideal position to get another project boat, we thought it would be a fun day trip to check it out, so we headed down to Richmond for the afternoon.

As soon as we saw the boat, we were both taken by it. It definitely needed work, but lines were gorgeous and we could see so much potential.


The inside was mostly gutted, although the current owner had started to work on and redesign the interior.

IMG_4383 IMG_4382 IMG_4378 IMG_4376 IMG_4374 IMG_4373

The possibility that this amazing piece of marine engineering history could be our home as well as an essentially blank canvas for us to be creative was just too enticing. After spending some time on the boat, and talking to the current owner, we decided to walk away and have lunch to think it over.

Some of you may remember that it was over lunch that we decided to take the chance and move onto the sailboat; well, this time we decided that this was a boat we couldn’t pass up.

We know this is going to be even more work than Griffin, but the potential is beyond words. The next month is going to be a lot of physical work to start to fix this one up (while still trying to get out sailing as much as possible), so stay tuned to see the transformation as it happens.

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