Mission accomplished (part 2)

As I mentioned at the end of my last post, we just hosted our very first overnight guests in Griffin. We’d had people over for dinner or a drink before, but had never taken anyone out sailing, let alone on a two day mission. Luckily for us, Alex’s cousin Mike was in town visiting and was happy to act as a guinea pig, along with his brave girlfriend, Julia. As the day got closer, we both knew that this was a fairly important milestone for us. We are still learning to sail, and this was going to be the first time that we were going to be showing other people what needed to be done, while making sure they still had a good time. In addition, Griffin is a very cozy home and it would be the first time that there had been more then just the three of us onboard for any significant period of time. On top of those challenges, we knew that there were certain family members at home waiting for a report before finalizing any plans to come out and visit! Seeing as we weren’t able to leave until early/mid afternoon, we decided to stick with a closer destination in an area that we have already been. We planned to to head up the Indian Arm again, and to find a nice cove where we could anchor and possibly find a beach to visit.

Destination for our family mission

Destination for our family mission

The afternoon went smoothly; we had decent wind, and Alex and I were able to convince everyone that we knew what we were doing. Once we found the perfect spot, the boys went for a swim, but there were quite a few jelly fish so Julia and I decided we were cooled off enough from Lenny shaking water all over everything.

Lots of jellyfish

Lots of jellyfish

The night before, Alex and I had made sure that we caught enough crab that we could plan to have that for dinner.

Mmmm... dinner!

Mmmm… dinner!

We were in a beautiful spot, but didn’t get the sunset we were hoping for due to the smoke that was still covering everything. Instead, everything had an eerie aura about it, like an apparition, which was quite beautiful in its own way.

View from where we stopped

View from where we stopped

Once the sun had fully set, we started to fade and slowly headed off to bed. Lenny was not the most impressed that his bed had been appropriated by Mike (although by morning he seemed to decide he was ready to cuddle), the rest of us all slept well and the boat didn’t feel crowded at all. Once we were all up, we had an excellent breakfast of French toast with fresh blueberries and local honey as well as a couple of rounds of espresso. After that, we decided to head into the nearby beach for a little bit.

Griffin from the beach

Griffin from the beach

While at the beach, Alex and I decided to take advantage of the opportunity to bath and wash our hair (all biodegradable and natural, of course). Once we were clean, I started to eye up Lenny. He hadn’t had anything resembling a bath in quite some time (jumping in the harbour does not count), and was starting to be a bit of a mess. Alex and I got a hold of him, and some castile soap and a dunk in the water later, he smelled immensely better!

Bath time

Bath time

After spending some time on the beach, we knew it was time to head back to the city so that Mike and Julia could make it to the next leg of their vacation. We didn’t rush, but rather tried to savour the last few hours out on the boat. Arriving back at the marina, we all felt perfectly relaxed. Both of them seemed to have genuinely enjoyed their visit, and we couldn’t have asked for better guests or a better first trip as hosts. Perhaps the biggest compliment was Julia saying that she was so relaxed, she would have been content if that was the end of the vacation. We were beyond flattered, and at the same time, her remark re-affirmed just how happy and lucky we are that this isn’t a vacation for us – this is our life. We may not get to sail and relax every day, but what we have allows us to feel like we are thoroughly enjoying every moment of our life, regardless of what we are doing.


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