A new year… a new boat

In my last post I promised a big reveal… our newest boat!

After flipping the salvage boat, and selling Griffin (which was hard to let go), we’ve been down to one boat for MONTHS now. Lucky for us, my job sent us to Victoria BC for two weeks in December, which meant a whole new boat market to explore.

During one of my lunch breaks, I was browsing boat listings and came across a boat that seemed too good to be true. I quickly sent Alex the link, with no words other than the subject “THE boat”. After a quick look at the posting, he agreed and we reached out to the owner. A couple of days later, Alex went to see it and fell in love. The only trouble? It was a bit out of our price range, plus we have been known to act impulsively when it comes to boats (although so far, it has always worked).

We decided to take some extra time to think about it and look at some more listings to see what was more in our range – but we kept coming back to this dream boat. Finally, in the middle of the holidays, we decided to go for it, and two weeks ago we went back to Victoria to draw up the paper work, and to spend our first night on the Alcidae III.

Although she isn’t the prettiest boat, she is a steel hulled sailboat, so she is about as sturdy as they come (plus, her previous owner made all of his repairs using extra thick steel sheets). I had hoped to get a few exterior pictures while we were there, but the water was a bit rough and I had forgotten my phone’s lifejacket so thought I wouldn’t take any chances. I did get some pictures of the interior to share though:



A real stove – with oven!


Another view of the galley


Looking back towards the galley


That’s right – a proper wood burning stove!


The v-berth, which has a significant amount of storage space

We have left her safely in Victoria for the time being, but cannot wait to get her home! Although it has been a mild winter, it’s still not the nicest for sailing – but the season is just around the corner… so close in fact, that we saw tulips starting to come up the other day – in January!

Speaking of the adventures we have lined up… One other reason we are so excited for the summer to get here?


We’re tying the knot this June! Next thing you know, we’ll be sailing off into the sunset…

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