Land ahoy!

It’s been just over a year that the three of us have been living aboard. We’ve moved boats a few times, and have had plenty of challenges to overcome. Lately though, our plans have started to shift.

Originally we had planned to set off from Vancouver and sail for a year or two (or more), and then to come back and settle down in the country and build a small house. We figured that the family would grow at some point, but never worried about when. The world has a funny way of changing priorities though. Now that there are reasons to worry more about starting a family down south (Zika is not a risk I want to take), we have had to take a less laissez faire approach.

We still plan to live aboard here in Vancouver and to one day sail off into the sunset, but until we are ready to have a family that is bigger than just us and Lenny, we have decided to stay here in BC. We have bought a piece of land, and spent our honeymoon starting to develop it. To better reflect our shifting plans, I’ve decided to put Yoga in Uncharted Waters on the back burner, and to start a new blog to chronicle the next chapter. I hope that you’ll still follow our adventures on These Green Roots.

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