How many boats do you need to make a flotilla?

After being back in Ontario for the past week, I finally made it home to Alex and Lenny.

Who wouldn't miss that face??

Who wouldn’t miss that face??

Other than sharing that my dad is home and stable, there wasn’t a lot to write about last week, but I thought I should do a quick update about everything that had happened while I was gone.

Alex had been busy working on the Monk, and had made a lot of progress. The most significant accomplishment was actually the weekend right before I left:

That didn’t mean it was time to slack off though. He kept working away, and managed to finish up the woodwork on the helm, while Lenny relaxed outside:

The (mostly) finished helm

The (mostly) finished helm

Although Lenny looks well-behaved in that instance, he always manages to figure out a way to get himself in a mess. At one point, he was trying to follow Alex around the boat, and got completely tangled in the lines:

I wasn’t sad to miss out on the long hours spent on the Monk, but I did miss out on a pretty big adventure while I was back home: getting yet another sailboat to add to our collection.

Because we are on a fairly tight budget, we try to scope out Craigslist and see what we can find to up-cycle. I’d had some time to browse while I was at home, and stumbled across a listing for a free boat. The catch? It had been damaged in the recent storm, so someone needed to salvage it. Which required more than Alex and an 8 hp dinghy.

Alex talked to one of our neighbours, and they decided to go rescue the boat with both their dinghies and to split the work (and any profit that we will get when we flip it).

When they got to the boat, they could see that although there was some significant damage to the fibreglass, it was quite a nice little boat with a Yanmar diesel engine that runs well, so home it came!

Our neighbour celebrating on the new boat

Our neighbour celebrating on the new boat

Just a bit of damage to the exterior

Just a bit of damage to the exterior

The boat is already back at the marina, and ready for repair, which means it’s time to start reading up on fibreglass work!

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