Moving week!

It’s been a long time coming, but last weekend we finally started to transition from Griffin into the Monk!

Saturday started with a trip to Canadian Tire, Home Depot and Ikea for some necessities, such as a couple of space heaters and a table. The purchase we were most excited for? Our new fridge! In case you had forgotten – Griffin only had an icebox… Buying (and carrying) ice blocks every day or two in the summer was not the highlight of our day!

Our little galley

Our little galley, complete with our brand new fridge

By the time we were done our errands, we had just enough time to set the basics up before grabbing a quick dinner and getting ready for bed:

Our new-to-us futon - multi-use items are essential on a boat

Our new-to-us futon – multi-use items are essential on a boat

One of the best (non-essential) details? Our boat themed cushions!

We spent our first night on the boat, and woke up to see that the interior of our (white) boat was glowing pink from the most amazing sunrise:

View of the sunrise out the window

View of the sunrise out the window

We had another busy day: we had several convenience items that we needed from the dollar store, which we were able to do while waiting on our wash at the laundromat. Then it was time to seriously start moving stuff from one boat to another and start to get things organized. Once that was all done, we were ready to put our feet up and relax in the saloon:

Alex and Lenny relaxing in the saloon

Alex and Lenny relaxing in the saloon

We even have enough space to have a drying rack for our clothes, which means I don’t have to have my work clothes strung out around the boat anymore!

The one downfall of moving is that we still have some things that haven’t made it over yet. This became incredibly evident when I woke up in the middle of the night on Sunday with a migraine. After taking my go-to migraine meds and them not working, we realized that the rest of our first aid kit/medicine cabinet was still on Griffin. Lucky for me, Alex didn’t complain at all about getting up and going to find them for me!

After spending a large part of the day resting and recovering from the migraine, we were ready to cook our first proper meal in our new home. Alex made a lovely stew, and of course I had to make biscuits to go with it (how can you have stew without biscuits??).

Making biscuits on our new (almost finished) marble counter

Making biscuits on our new (almost finished) marble counter

There are still a lot of finishing touches that we need to do, but we couldn’t be happier with the way this project has turned out. We were faced with a lot of scepticism when we first started this venture, especially so soon after leaping into the boat world, but we have surpassed even our expectations.

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  1. great, it all looks terrific,,enjoy every moment and well be over for dinner


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